The Language Cafe Utrecht is a meeting place for language practice and is being visited every Wednesday by 50-80 people from all over the world.

We never know who is coming for what language, that’s why it’s hard for a website to tell if you can speak your preferred language if you would show up on a Wednesday night. If your language is not being spoken that week, don’t worry. We always have an English table, and Dutch speakers are always more than welcome to help out others with their Dutch.

With the knowledge from previous meetings we can calculate some odds of finding a language table for the following languages:

  • Dutch, 100% certainty
  • English, 100% certainty
  • Spanish, 100% certainty
  • French, 100% certainty
  • Italian, 90% certainty

Languages we see almost every week:

  • Turkish, 60% of the time we have a Turkish table
  • Portuguese, 60% of the time we have a Portuguese table
  • German, 50% of the time we have a German table
  • Russian, 50% of the time we have a Russian table

Other languages that we sometimes hear in the LCU, please let us know if you want to speak any of these languages:

Chinese (Mandarin), Japanese, Catalan, Arabic (often people at the LCU willing to speak), Persian, Indonesian, Finnish, Hungarian, Greek, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish and many more.

Languages not spoken at the LCU:

  • Klingon

Please e-mail us at if you want to speak a specific language that’s not on our 100/90% certainty list or is not mentioned on this page. We can use our mailing list to find some practice partners for you!