Upcoming Meetings

When is the next meeting?

Date: Wednesday
Time: 20:00
Place: Café Marktzicht, Breedstraat 4, Utrecht

What happens at a meeting?

The Language Cafe brings around 50-80 people together per evening for socializing and language learning. What happens on a Language Cafe is the following: You arrive, very curious and enthusiastic, in a nice bar in Utrecht. There, you will see some handsome people with a Language Cafe badge, that’s us :-). After a short introduction they will explain you that there are different tables where different languages are spoken (recognized by small flags). You can then join one of these tables. This shows the other visitors the language that you intend to speak. From there we leave you alone and are ready to answer any further questions if you have some.

Dutch lessons?

Often we get e-mails with questions about the free Dutch lessons that we offer.

However, we don’t offer any lessons at all! Our goal is to connect you with fellow language learners / native speakers to help you figure out that language and become a pro in it.

If you have zero skill in a certain language, then coming by is of course possible, you might even learn a few words. But due to our concept, you should not expect to get language lessons at the Language Cafe.